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2022 8 31 Fair2

Grand Marshal, Sheriff Dave Brown and President of the fair board David Waymire - [Photo by Lisa Birney]

2022 8 31 Fair5

Local kids participate in the timber games - [Photo by Loraine Creon]

2022 8 31 Fair3

Tiffany Wisecarver. Sang the Star Spangled Banner - [Photo by Lisa Birney]

2022 8 31 Fair4

Whiskey and Spurs Band opened for the fair - [Photo by Loraine Creon]

Since September, the Skamania Fair Board, led by President David Waymire, spent countless hours planning the fair and all of its events. President Waymire said the Fair Board reviews previous fairs in order to keep moving forward in making the Skamania Fair better and better for its community and visitors.

The Skamania Fair also hosts a livestock barn and auctions off market-worthy animals raised by hard working 4-H participants. The 4-H program states: “As the largest youth development organization in Washington, 4-H reaches nearly 80,000 young people. The 4-H Youth Development Program helps young people and adults put knowledge to work in all of Washington’s 39 counties, cities and towns. In the 21st century, 4-H serves a broad clientele with an expanded program using a variety of ways to “learn by doing.” 4-H teaches life skills that lead young people to become self-directing, positive, contributing members of our society.” This year, there was 100 animals auctioned off during Fair.

For the 2022 Skamania Fair, the Fair Board chose Sheriff Dave Brown as their Grand Marshal. Sheriff Brown came to the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office in 1987 and was elected Sheriff in 2003. Not only was Sheriff Brown Grand Marshal of the Fair, but he also entertained us on opening night with his band, Whiskey & Spurs. You can also see our Grand Marshall leading the parade on the Skamania News Facebook page, which was live streamed on Saturday, August 20th.

The Fair Board would like to thank Smead Capital and other sponsors for their generous donations. These donations allow free access to the Fair for all attendees. They would also like to thank the numerous volunteers and participants of the Fair. And “thank you” to the Fair Board for tirelessly working in making the 2022 Skamania Fair a success and an enjoyable, family event.

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Thank you for The Observer!
Thank you for The Observer!
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My husband and I really appreciate your newspaper! Such “fresh air”…we are tired of the left-leaning point of view… You are doing a great job! Keep it up and thank you.

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Dear Observer
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