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02:34:47 01/01/23 Shooting
Rp reporting shooting noise and someone screaming "get the f*** off" and then more shots and screaming.Male suspect discovered victim was having relations with his girlfriend. Suspect was observed retrieving a handgun from a vehicle during the argument. Victim fled into a wooded creek area. Suspect was observed firing multiple rounds into the creek area towards the victim. Shell casings were discovered at the scene. Handgun was not recovered. Suspects bag was seized pending a search warrant. #16

04:21:25 01/01/23 Domestic Violence
Multiple Callers reporting Domestic involving 4 to 5 males. Male suspect was involved in a domestic violence incident with his girlfriend. Nearby residents contacted the male and a physical altercation occurred. The male suspect retrieved a pocket knife and stabbed the victim in the left buttocks. Male fled on foot upon deputy arrival. Male subject located, detained and taken into custody without incident. Victim transported to Skyline Hospital for treatment.

06:52:01 01/01/23 Transfer
Cell Phone Caller reports a young woman just ran into the back of his pickup.Caller says its not her fault, his pickup ran out of gas, on a sharp corner, he didn't have his lights on so she could not of seen him, Caller went on saying he has no idea where he is.

17:09:29 01/01/2023 Motorist Assist
Rp calling reporting he is stuck in a ditch in his 2018 Tan Toyota Tacoma. Rp states he got stuck in the snow so he turned around and when he did, he slid into the ditch. Rp is a few miles up the 2000 Rd from the Stevenson side.

20:51:22 01/01/2023 Overdue Person
Reporting party concerned for his daughter who went with friends to ride side-by-sides in the Mt St Helens area today. They were expected to leave the area around 1400 because everyone had to return for work the next day.RP advising his daughter is with a friend named “[redacted]” RP last seen his daughter this morning around 7AM when they left there. They were meeting up with 2 more subjects that also were bringing their vehicle. RP called back advising they just hear from the overdues. They threw a track at the top of the trail which cause the delay.

10:58:45 01/02/23 Patrol Request
Reporting party requesting to speak to a deputy to discuss his options for trespassers. RP advised he has posted multiple signs that continue to be ignored. The RP is fed up and is stating the next time he catches a trespasser he is going to block their vehicle and not allow them to leave until LE responds. RP called back advising he will not be home until this afternoon Made contact with the RP. He advised numerous subjects are driving up to his residence to look for a hike. Road is a clearly posted private drive. RP advised he believes they are getting hiking directions from a website. Advised the RP we’ll attempt to locate the website with the directions and make contact with them to correct the hiking instructions. Further advised RP to photograph trespassers and report the trespassing when it is occurring.

14: 20:07 01/02/2023 Hit and Run
Reporting party is an employee for Carson General who was told by a customer that someone has struck the side of the Post Office. RP advised the vehicle is no longer there and he did not see who did it. RP went to the post office approx 3 hrs ago and did not see any damage at that time. The postmaster has called reporting the same issue. He advised Backwoods employees will be checking their security cameras to see if they were able to capture anything. Postmaster will be standing by for contact. Made contact with the postmaster who advised he is in contact with the person who struck the building. The two parties are handling the matter through insurance.

03:45:57 01/18/23 Mental Subject
Reporting Party came into the jail lobby, dropped off a note stating he needs to file a "stalking order" against former Sgt. Gonser. RP did not talk to any staff, just dropped the note off on the chair in the jail lobby and left.
Deputy observed written letter from RP. Sent an email to RP with no response with assisting with mental health. Subject continues to appear at the SO while a deputy is unavailable, and states cellular phone is being tracked so RP is unable to be contacted. Mention of previous contacts with LE and appears to be suffering from PTSD from those contacts. No crimes committed or threats made.

08:18:50 01/18/23 Hit & Run
Reporting Party reporting she discovered her vehicle rear tailgate and bumper damaged on her 2006 Toyota Tundra. This happened during the winter storm on December 23rd. RP was not aware she needed to report it until after speaking with her insurance agent.

15:04:12 01/18/23 Traffic Hazard
Cell Phone Caller reports info on disabled pick up blocking an intersection. Deputy contacted driver who was confused and unaware of his surroundings. Vehicle was left parked on Columbia Ave. Subject was given a ride home. APS referral made and welfare check was created for night shift.

19:11:29 01/18/23 Suspicious
Reporting Party advising a subject in a light grey sedan is at the boat launch parking lot across from his residence has been parked in his vehicle pretending to read the paper. Thinks someone should check it out. RP called back and advised he is still there, probably going through his or someone else mail and someone should check it out. Deputy contacted driver who stopped to conduct work and not be distracted while driving.

00:30:38 01/19/23 Assault
Reporting Party calling to report that her friend had come over to the above address and was visiting from AZ. Caller advised that her friend is 10-42.Caller advised that the subject hit her with sticks, and when was hitting her while she attempted to restrain her. RP stated that the subject also broke several items, stating that it was all the subjects' items. Caller advised that she left in a 2006 Dark Blue Camaro with a missing headlight and AZ plates. Caller advised that she may be heading to Osprey Lane off Bear Creek Rd in Carson, or to Washougal in Clark County.

12:13:15 01/20/23 Property Theft
Reporting Party reporting someone stole a 28 ft trailer from his property sometime between last Sunday and today. RP advised he does not have suspect info however the gate to the property was also damaged. RP requesting to speak to a deputy however he advised he does not have any registration info on the trailer and will not have access to it until tomorrow. Deputy unable to make contact with RP.

14:18:10 01/20/23 Automobile Theft
Reporting Party has reported his vehicle stolen in Klickitat Co. RP advised he knows who took his vehicle, and believes it is at the address listed. RP requesting a deputy check the area for the vehicle. *EDITED* RP has called back advising he told an officer that if his truck was returned, he would not press charges, he alleges the truck was taken by his grandson. Rp is now stating that his grandson is calling him threatening to beat him and is refusing to return the truck. Rp advised he would now like to press charges. Deputy checked the residence, UTL the involved vehicle. Additionally, it was determined no criminal harassment occurred.

14:30:05 01/20/23 Citizen Dispute
Reporting Party requesting to speak to a deputy regarding constant disputes with his neighbor over his burn piles. RP advised his neighbor is constantly calling the Sheriffs Office and yelling at him and giving him the finger. RP would like to discuss what his options are for anti-harassment; Deputy contacted RP and discussed the process for Anti-Harassment. Second caller reporting that he has made multiple attempts at explaining to this neighbor the violations he is committing and has not been successful in getting his neighbor to understand why it is an issue. This is the reason for the constant negative contacts. Rp advised they just got into a heated discussion. Caller would like a deputy to make contact with the original RP and explain to him why these violations are an issue. Caller would also like a call back once that contact has been made Deputy contacted second caller who advised subject burning illegal material. Deputy checked burn. Educated RP on information regarding permitted burn. Advised RP of future citations if burning is in violation. RP was advised by neighbor (second caller) of illegal burning prior to my arrival.

10:39:36 01/21/23 Overdue Person 
Reporting Party calling from Baltimore, MD reporting he has not heard from his sister since 01/14. RP advised the last time he spoke to her she stated she took a couple days off and was going to Mt. St. Helens to do unknown recreational activities. RP is not confident in his sister's abilities to keep herself safe outdoors and is concerned that no one in the family has heard from her since. It is not known when she was expected to be back. RP has attempted to call her work to see if she has been to work but is unable to contact their office until Monday. RP advised she drives a later modal white Rav4 unknown plate. RP provided her phone number but was not aware of her provider. Female lives in Seattle and is not familiar with the area.*EDITED* After checking the area, and speaking to the RP, it was determined the involved female is most likely in Seattle, Washington. RP will be contacting Seattle PD, and requesting a Welfare Check on the female's residence.

10:28:36 01/22/23 Recreation
Reporting Party reporting he is out riding with a group of about 8 riders who got caught in an avalanche and one rider was buried under the snow, RP advised the subject is now out from under the snow and is breathing. RP advised the rider did lose consciousness and his breathing was questionable at one point however he is now able to speak. RP believes he was buried for under 5 minutes. Deputy advised patient is out and not requesting any additional resources or medical. Deputy advised he received a text from the injured rider who advised he was going to be checked out at a hospital and will be just fine.

18:20:09 01/22/23 Harassment
The RP feels like the involved female is harassing her. She advised the female may have followed her to the store and was mumbling she "should kick her ass" from the other aisle. Deputy Contacted RP (Involved) reported other involved female threatened her with bodily harm, placing her in fear for her safety.

08:27:41 01/23/23 Prowler
Cell Phone Caller reports someone has been picking at her door for an hour now and she wants a Deputy to check it out. RP called back and said that she wanted to speak with a deputy because a subject was stalking and harassing her, and her room was bugged. RP requesting to speak with a deputy, Deputy contacted the RP, at Rodeway Inn. Checked both doors in the RPs room, Deputy confirmed the doors are locked, and have not been damaged, or tampered with. RP has a history of history mental illness, experiencing delusions. RP was advised to call 911, if someone attempts to make entry through her doors.

09:50:36 01/23/23 Threatening
Reporting Party states while downtown Stevenson, a Homeless man wearing a Gray Hoodie Type coat, crossed the street and threatened his dog and threatened to kill hi RP says this isn't the first time this subject has threatened him and his wife. RP requests contact, Deputy contacted the RP and obtained details regarding the Incident. RP advised the involved male walked across the street and verbally threatened his dog. RP advised the male was holding a box of donuts with both hands, and never physically touched the RP. RP walked away from the male, and the male walked back across the street. RP advised to call 911, if the male approaches him in the future. No crimes were alleged or committed, during this Incident.

00:49:29 01/25/23 Domestic
Info for a male caller yelling to someone in the background that they were too stupid to load a gun, then call disconnected. Dispatch called # and spoke the female half involved whom had the phone on speaker advising she and her husband are in an active argument. A firearm was also mentioned. Both male and female have been drinking. Deputy advising both units clear, no crimes committed, verbal only. Deputy providing a curt ride to the Rodeway Inn for the male half. HRSO transferred a caller who advised the male half returned to the residence and broke down the door to gain entry. Male half advising he caught the female half with another man. Dispatch advised parties to separate and figure the situation out when deputies arrive. Male subject arrested for DV Malicious Mischief, 3rd Degree. Placed in custody Deputy transported I booked without incident.

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