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Pictured Above: Chief Brennan Blue and Lifesaving Award - Recipients, Stephen and Blaire Hoobler. Stephan Hoobler is a Skamania EMS and Rescue Paramedic and his Wife, Blair Hoobler is a Critical Care Nurse. Photo Credit: Vancouver Fire Department

Press Release
Skamania EMS

Stevenson, WA, April 10th.
Skamania EMS and Rescue Paramedic Stephan Hoobler and his wife Blair, a Critical Care Nurse, received accommodation and were awarded the “Life Saving” Award by The City of Vancouver Fire Department on March 28th 2023.

On the evening of January 29th 2022, Mrs. Hoobler opened the door of her home to find her neighbor in emotional distress and requesting help. Paramedic Hoobler accompanied the neighbor toward her residence and quickly noticed that the neighbor’s husband, who was seated in his vehicle was in distress, not breathing and without a pulse.

After instructing the neighbor to quickly return to the Hoobler residence and inform his wife that he required her assistance, Paramedic Hoobler removed the male from his vehicle and began life saving CPR.

Mrs. Hoobler arrived to her husband's side and the couple continued to provide CPR until the arrival of Vancouver Fire Department personnel. Upon the arrival of emergency services Paramedic Hoobler and Mrs. Hoobler provided a detailed report about the condition of their neighbor and the care they provided. The Hoobler’s neighbor was treated and transported to an area hospital, and because of the couple’s efforts, he survived his cardiac arrest.

Skamania EMS and Rescue is proud to employ career staff members who continue to provide service to the community while off duty.

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My husband and I enjoy your newspaper… We are happy to pay for it and have it mailed to us. I have learned so much, and like reading words of wisdom which make me proud to live here, words I believe in.

Thank you for The Observer!
Thank you for The Observer!
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Dear Observer
Dear Observer
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