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Hannah Joy started The Skamania Observer in 2020 which has grown to now include social media and a website that serves thousands.


Elizabeth Diers started working at The Skamania Observer as a journalist with a passion to put integrity and honesty back in today’s journalism.


Hannah Joy

I truly believe that this paper is not finished and that it is meant to continue doing what it was originally created for. However, this chapter in my life that built and grew this paper has come to an end.
Through the years I have been blessed with the opportunity to sit down and listen to your stories and publish them for others to enjoy or share in your sorrow as well. This is why I have decided to sell the paper to Elizabeth Diers. I have faith that she will continue with the vision that I have for this paper.

This community has stood by my side through many trials. My family has thrived in this place full of pioneers and homesteaders who know who they are and what they want.
Sometimes our community gets caught up in the political divide, but I implore you to keep in mind when you start categorizing people whether they are good or not based on their political preference, to remember that we are made up of fallible humans that can become lost in our own bubbles. It doesn’t matter what you believe when you have slid off the road in an ice storm, lost in the Gifford Pinchot, drowning in the Columbia, or are one of the rescuers. Remember when the mountains across the river glowed red in 2018, we put aside our differences and for a short time we were all just people working together to save each other.
I am passing on the paper to pursue the opportunity to continue working for a better Washington by accepting Chair of the Washington State Republican Liberty Caucus. Over the past several years over 97,000 conservatives have left the state of Washington feeling that this state is a lost cause. They ran to save their children and families from a state that no longer supports hard working blue collar workers. I will fight for those who cannot afford or do not have the option to flee this state. I will be their voice when they are too busy trying to survive the outrageous taxes and policies that prevent them from making a living wage.
Thank you doesn’t seem like strong enough words to every single supporter and reader that has come to The Skamania Observer to find happiness, hope, and community. I will advise Elizabeth in her new role for a short time to ensure a smooth transition.

The new owner, Elizabeth Diers, is a resident of Carson, and a familiar face to many people in the town. Diers is a determined member of the community, who has a strong passion for journalism. Her love for Skamania County, and the members of its community, motivated her to take the leap and purchase the newspaper.

“I am honored and humbled to be taking the reins at The Skamania Observer, it's a publication that has been a staple of journalism in this community, since I started working in journalism I wanted to work for a paper that emphasizes hearing all perspectives, and actively seeking to publish the truth. The Skamania Observer is a paper that does just that, I want to keep that legacy going, and follow the values that this paper was built on.”

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What people are saying

My husband and I enjoy your newspaper… We are happy to pay for it and have it mailed to us. I have learned so much, and like reading words of wisdom which make me proud to live here, words I believe in.

Thank you for The Observer!
Thank you for The Observer!
— Anita C.

My husband and I really appreciate your newspaper! Such “fresh air”…we are tired of the left-leaning point of view… You are doing a great job! Keep it up and thank you.

Dear Observer
Dear Observer
— Judy S.

I didn’t want another email in my inbox but I also didn’t want a paper copy, the members only section was a great alternative for me. I can access all the information in the paper and keep my inbox clutter free .

— Members Only Fan