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I sit here thinking how best to describe it. The absence of fear maybe, or fear being present yet still not enough to silence what is right.

Ability could also be part of it — ability to speak what is good and ability to do, in spirit and in truth, anything that you are called to do.

Or should I describe the opposite of freedom to more clearly see the tattered remnants that remain? That is not needed. It is all too well known these days.

Boldness could be part of it — boldness to speak and to do in spite of consequences or critique. Power could be a part of freedom — oh, to speak in power and love. Resilience to fall and then rise again! Resolve! To set your face like a flint that only sparks may fly from the opposition that will come.

I speak of freedom not as lost but firmly secured in the hands of those who have come to know it so well, who have lived in freedom. It cannot be lost. I have heard it said that a generation that loses its freedom will most likely never see it in their lifetime. I believe freedom is first found in Christ, and then it starts to manifest itself around us, in spirit, in truth, and in action.

I also believe there is a big attack on freedom in America right now that has been happening for a long time. I’m sure we all see it pretty clearly right now, attacks from all directions.

That which is about to come forth is, of course, going to be attacked by what opposes it. But I am not without hope! There is always beauty after a storm. Remember to see the storm through and look for the beauty on the other side.

There is a saying: “Let freedom ring.” Freedom is going to ring! “Surely I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

Here is an example of this in my life. About five years ago I was plagued with anxiety attacks for six months. I walked out of that fear by taking hold of an unshakable faith. The faith was already coming out in my life; the fear was the attack to hold it back. No such luck. Anxiety doesn’t have a part of my life.

The off-balance we see in America right now is the attack trying to hold back what is to come. “The people that walk upright will walk with the mighty”. That is what we are being called to do. Mighty in faith! Mighty in love! Mighty in action!

“For we have not been given a spirit of fear but of power and love and that of a sound mind.” So no, I am not afraid of where we are in America. There may be battles happening right now or battles to come, but this is the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Ryan Cook - Stevenson

Saddened Grandpa

We are in a crisis situation with our children and schools being closed for nothing more than political reasons. Teachers Unions and Fear driven covid personnel are harming our children with the childish behavior of our left and right politicians.

The suicide rate among children is climbing at a very high rate and yet the school boards and politicians hide behind "Covid and Children" ! They are holding our children hostage for their own personal gains! The party of murdering unborn humans seems to be out to take out our teenage children also. My answer is OPEN THE SCHOOLS UP NOW!! Stop all this nonsense and put the children ahead of your personal wants and needs. I can no longer just sit by and watch my teenage grandchildren be so depressed and isolated! Its breaking our hearts. We do what we can to keep them involved but you can see it in their eyes and their moods that being home for a year is taking its toll. So OPEN THE FREAKING SCHOOLS UP!

I am sure there are a lot of teachers out their willing to go back to a classroom environment and those that don't want to go back because they are "scared" let them find new jobs elsewhere. Politicians are killing our children and small businesses and we just stand around and do nothing. The cure is now worse than the virus.

Don Morby Saddened Grandpa , Mill-A Wa.

Are We the Pinnacle Of All Civilization?

The world turns, time passes, lives end. History records, new lives are born and people make their unique mark, life goes on. All through time people have had the same type of thoughts and feelings more or less accentuated by their respective living conditions. Human nature is a common trait over the millenniums of our existence. Dominant societies must have all shared the same egocentric adoration of themselves as we currently do. We feel we’re so advanced. Science and technology, high finance, our higher halls of instruction and justice. Are we the pinnacle of all civilization?

Some say America suffers from systemic racism. We have in our DC government, mandatory classes which teach the thousands of employees they must recognize that racism exists. By racism they mean white privilege. If they don’t believe that, they’re told they suffer from white guilt. The circular logic used in this indoctrination does not allow for a dissenting opinion and I imagine if you have one, you probably fail the class and get marked by your superiors as something less than desirable, maybe even deplorable?

Many are making their mark today by spitting in the face of historical facts. They attack the western system of capitalism as evil, an oppressive system which must be removed from society so people can be equal and so capital can be spread among the masses. Equal means, no one can excel or stand out above the crowd. No one can own anything of value because the myth is, we all own everything together. In this type of system only the uber elite, the ones who are the most vicious and power hungry control the resources for their benefit and the masses will be sold a lie like “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” which was the cry of the French Revolutionists as they incited the mobs to execute their government officials in the streets. No, I’m not condoning violence in any fashion.

America is a captive audience. We allow the enemy to infiltrate our sanctuaries, our homes. We sit in front of the television (Tell-A-Vision) in our bathrobes, drinking our morning beverage listening to people we have been lulled into trusting. They’re part of our family really. The people on the TV share our space, we look forward to their daily offerings. At night time we cap off our day with more offerings. We get the stories someone has deemed as appropriate, maybe even necessary for our “enlightenment”.

Our nation has been under a concerted, constant attack ever since Donald Trump announced his run for the presidency. We were told everything he says is a lie. We were told he was only enriching himself and his family members. If so, how do you think that worked out for him? We were told Russia was his controller. $42 million was spent to produce the Mueller fabrication, no proof of collusion. Adam Schiff promised us he had real evidence of a Quid Pro Quo, I’m still waiting. Trump was impeached for nothing. Trump lost in a rigged election. Yes, there is massive evidence. There has been no judge in the country who has listened to any evidence of election fraud in any court room, regardless of the lie that all of the claims of election fraud have lost in court.

We have now witnessed an abomination against our Bill of Rights. People are being silenced and labeled as domestic terrorists. (1) We are being told that the worst problem in America is white nationalists/supremacists. The capitol building has a walled-off fence with razor wire to keep out the people from the people’s house. I thought walls were bad? What are the elite rulers in our government afraid of?

If you think they’re going to stop here, you’re wrong. We are getting bullied by the press and our institutions of government. We all go about our daily lives doing the best we can when all of a sudden we are faced with an onslaught of freedom killing executive orders, bills and legislation. People are being conditioned to believe unprincipled thoughts about race, gender, politics and religion through the media by using racist talking points, name calling and division, etc.; the very things they claim to be against. We need to stand up against this bulling otherwise as all bullies do, they will keep it up. Let’s devise peaceful ways to beat these scoundrels at their own game. We must keep our liberty intact. Try reading a few select quotes from Gandhi for a starter and then pray to God for guidance. (2) Yes, we can do this!

(1) Tucker: The American government is at war with it’s own people.

(2) 20 Inspiring quotes from Gandhi.

Pat Price - Stevenson

We Are Worth It

The fate of the Stevenson Community Pool is on the line this month. The voters within the proposed Metropolitan Parks District will decide whether this community asset will continue to exist. A vote “FOR” will ensure our pool stays open.

For decades, our community relied on handouts from the federal government to maintain this asset. As those handouts dwindled, Skamania County saw the writing on the wall and handed over responsibility for the pool to the Stevenson-Carson School District. The School District now also sees the impracticality of diverting education funding toward the pool’s continued operation. So, now it’s up to each of us to ask ourselves “Are we worth it?”

For me, the answer is a clear “Yes!” We are worth it. Protecting our children from drowning is worth it. Improving our physical health is worth it. Having a wintertime recreation outlet is worth it. Our community, simply, is worth investing in.

For these reasons and more, I hope you turn out to vote, and I hope you do so holding the same pride and aspirations about what we can do together. Please vote “for” the Metropolitan Parks District to keep the pool open.

Ben Shumaker, Prospective Board Member, Position #1

Do We Have A President Or A Dictator?

As of January 28th 2021, Biden has signed 42 executive orders according to a search on 22 are currently listed in The Federal Register (1) In a video from the 15th of October 2020 during an ABC interview, candidate Biden said, “You can’t do it by executive order unless you’re a dictator...we’re a Democracy, we need consensus.” His first day in office witnessed a flurry of 19 E. O.s signed by Biden.



Anonymous - Skamania

Get informed: the worst risk you take is death

The Washington Department of Health Website states:

“Two COVID-19 vaccines have been authorized for emergency use by U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Both of these vaccines were shown to be safe and effective in clinical trials. They were developed, tested and approved using the same rigorous process used for other successful vaccines.”

But under the Emergency Use Authorization Act, safety trials continue while a vaccine is distributed. Even professionals like Dr. Simone Gold, MD, and her colleagues revealed safety testing has been shortened tremendously for this vaccine. Typical animal studies were skipped in the haste to put an entirely new type of vaccine into people’s arms.

This has been done before! Christine Mae, a 10-year-old girl in Mariveles, Bataan died of severe dengue some 6 months after she was given a vaccine for the mosquito-borne illness.

In 2016, which was an election year for the Philippines, a vaccine for Dengue fever was developed in a hurry, declared safe by their FDA and by WHO, and then distributed and given to over 830,000 school children. Of that number, nearly 600 died within a year of severe dengue fever. However, the product was abruptly pulled from distribution due to public outcry. WHO changed their stance on it’s safety as a result as well.  

It is now declared only safe for those who have had Dengue fever. For those who have not had the fever, the vaccine produces antibodies that don’t inhibit infection but instead further the infection.

“Antibody-dependent enhancement” (ADE) is what this adverse reaction is called and it has been the main reason we haven’t had a coronavirus vaccine yet. Look it up, read up on it. The fact that the trials to rule this possibility out have been skipped is abhorrent. It is a crime against humanity! If you catch COVID19, you have a 99.98% chance of survival. If you are elderly and sick with multiple morbidities, then your chances of surviving COVID19 are 94.6%. But taking a vaccine that may cause ADE can increase your chances of death significantly!

Why do you think about 50% of healthcare workers everywhere are declining the vaccine?

Larry King, died 2 weeks after a COVID19 vaccine (both Pfitzer and Moderna use the same technology and carry similar risks).

Tim Zook, an X-ray tech in California, 60 years old, died after falling ill 2 ½ hours after his second shot. His wife reports he was healthy apart from taking blood pressure medication.

A healthcare worker in Washington, according to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), who was 58 years old and reportedly healthy, died within 48 hours of her first shot. Her death is under investigation. BTW, the vaccine companies do their own investigations!

According to VAERS, 285 deaths in the US have been reported as possibly associated with COVID19 vaccines. It is unknown at this time if the vaccine was the cause. You can read about each case here: after filling out a form requesting information on reported deaths associated with the COVID19 vaccines. Should you choose to look at adverse effects from the vaccine, there are 151,521+ reports which overwhelm the system so you’ll have to search through specific symptoms.

I’ve only spoken about risk of death here because I think it is the most serious concern with any coronavirus vaccine. There are other possibilities that are just unknown. No one knows if you will be fertile after taking this vaccine. No one knows why some are experiencing debilitating adverse reactions such as Bell’s Palsy (paralysis of one side of your face), paralysis in one limb or uncontrollable twitching.

If you take this experimental vaccine, you are the guinea pig. You are determining the safety in the near future as well as long-term.

If indeed this proves unsafe in the next months or years, it won’t be stopped until there is a loud public outcry. Lawsuit? No, don’t even think of it. These companies are except merely because the products are called vaccines and under 1986 legislation, vaccine-makers are not liable.

A concerned citizen

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Thank you for The Observer!
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